Artur Nowacki

  “He has visited me, staying and practicing at my gym since 2014.  He also assisted me with my Thai and international boxers.  Artur is a great Thai boxing trainer.  Before he arrived, I researched his profile about his boxing skills; he trained about boxing (Muay Thai) in Canada for 3 years then he came to Thailand.  His character is a perfect match for coaching Thai boxing on an advanced technique level, as he is calm, has brilliant skill, and loves to help others.  He surprised me once when we went to Ratchadamnern Boxing Stadium, where he coached my fighter in a World Class fight (Thanonchai Tor Sangtiennoi vs Sangmanee Sor Tienpo).  That day, my boxer got cut by the elbow; during the fight he was still bleeding a lot.  Artur was able to stop the bleeding of my fighter and the fight went to the full five rounds, with my fighter winning the fight.  Later my fighter had 38 stitches to his face.  This situation showed me how he is World Class.  I am so proud to have worked with him.”

Kind Regards,

-Sangtiennoi Sor. Rungroj "The Deadly Kisser"

Lumpinee, Rajadamnern Stadium and World WMC Champion”



As a child, Artur was constantly subject to an intense and unrelenting interest in what could only be recognized as the Warrior’s mentality - Courage, Equanimity, and Wisdom.  While he was young Art would spend his time immersed in books. Books detailing the wise teachings of aboriginal chieftains, books detailing the virtues and struggles of martial arts masters... books focused on the warrior’s way of life.  As the years passed and Art matured, he would come to realize the life he sought wasn’t at home in his small village near Szczcecin, in post-communist Poland.  The answers were to be found elsewhere in the vast and unknown.



  Every worthwhile undertaking begins with courage.  It may be the courage to be curious, or the courage to brave the unknown, but at the eventuality, it is simply the courage to live a meaningful life.  At the age of twenty-two, Art left his home country to travel the world.  With hardly any money to his name and no concrete plan, he headed off into the broad reaches of the extensive and wide world.  There was one thing that Art knew for certain: he was looking for a master, a mentor, someone to guide him and teach him the way of the Warrior.  He needed someone to harden and temper his untapped potential into what he was meant to become.  However, that someone would not be found so easily.  Between the ages of 22 and 27 Art would pass through 18 countries, hitchhiking over 20,000 km, alone.  Finding food was a constant struggle and he would often find himself unsure of where his night would be spent.  It was a hard and dangerous time, but it was also the call to adventure.  Today Art looks back on these years with a profound sense of meaning and fulfillment.  He travelled Nepal during political unrest, crossed the cold desert of Ladakh at high altitude,  motor biked through India amidst a devastating drought, lived and studied for a time with the Shaolin monks in China, and vagabonded through most of Europe.  The Journey alone was a harsh training in itself.  Throughout the span of his life Artur has passed through over 35 countries.

  At the age of 27 Art found himself in Korea, a key chapter of his life, where he first began Muay Thai under Master Giyong Kim (Kang-il gym).  He was a firm and disciplined, but very caring man, “Without him, I would not be where I am today.”  Art had finally found the guidance he had sought after  his entire life.  Subject to grueling and unforgiving training regimes, an unrelenting hammer to the malleable and misshapen metal that was his body and mind, Artur would evolve, harden, and grow.  Through hard work and discipline, with the intense beauty of Muay Thai as his medium, Art gained a new understanding of himself.  Learning the differences between the capacity and use of “Heart” and the capacity and use of “Will”, Art would discover a mental stamina that would serve him for the rest of his life.  A new perspective was found, a new way to model and regard the thoughts and desires he faced:  Equanimity - the abiding calmness, the development of an unshakable heart, the undaunted composure, the unwavering soul in the raging storm.  Artur would look at the world through new lenses, more calm, more content, more akin to the warriors of the past.

  A year into his stay at Kang-il gym, Art’s journey eventually led him to fight in the legendary Rajadamnern stadium, a place for only top Muay thai fighters.  Hardened by Master Giyong Kim, Art was soon to be honed and sharpened by top Thai fighter Monkoldej Sitthepitak, also known as Mr. Bee.  Bee, the former head coach at Fairtex and ranked number one in both Lumpini and Rajadamnern, now would use his expertise to refine Art even further.  Art and Bee grew close during this time, and today they still work together with a friendship based upon a deep and extensive trust.


Another Path, Toward Wisdom

  Shortly after fighting in Rajadamnern, Art’s immune system weakened  and he became very ill.  He spent some time away from competing and went through a period of self-assessment.  Rather than submit to illness, Artur decided this was an opportunity to develop outside of fighting.  He would remain in Muay Thai, but this time as a trainer.  Artur was a fast learner and a natural teacher, his instructive abilities developed rapidly as he embarked on the next chapter of his life’s journey.  He travelled to Canada, opened a gym on Vancouver Island, and over a period of 2 years, transformed two fresh athletes into Canadian champions.  Once Canada was no longer suitable competition, Artur decided that the next step was to return to Thailand, the home of Muay Thai.



  Thailand was where Art would once again find guidance, a mentor, someone to temper him further... but this time coming as a teacher rather than a fighter.  Sangtiennoi Sor. Rungroj  aka “the deadly kisser”, one of Thailand’s top trainers and former champion.   He was a man who could see into the very depths of an individual’s soul with no more than a glance.  He would bring Art into a whole new world of Muay Thai.  In a family based all-Thai camp, Art was assigned the role of a pad holder, teacher, and strategist.  He would spend 4 months at this particular gym, his main focus being Thanonchai Sor. Sangtiennoi. Thanonchai, who was awarded fighter of the year 2015, would go on to defeat Sangmanee (One of the greatest fighters this decade) with Art as his trainer and strategist.  Looking back, Art would describe his stay with Sangtiennoi, due to underlying circumstances at the time, as one of the most difficult experiences of his life.  His time there was physically demanding, but more significantly, incredibly taxing mentally.  “Every single ounce of energy I had was focused into making it through the next minute.  A minute would pass and then every single ounce of energy remaining would be focused into making it through yet another minute, and so on and so forth until the day was done.  This would repeat every day for the duration of my stay.”  While it was incredibly difficult, the stay with Sangtiennoi allowed Art to further develop equanimity and gain rare and valuable perspective.  The idea of fighting to live rather than to survive, a confrontation of the ego through good will and a higher purpose in search of one's true nature.  It was an embrace of nonresistance, a strategy to weaken unnecessary survival instincts to combat the defilements of the mind.  Developed through Muay Thai, this stratagem would provide a framework, navigation for any and every difficult future task.  Now, considered a world class trainer by one of the few living legends of Muay Thai, Artur decided it was once again time to move forward.  However, sometimes in order to advance we must go back to our roots.


An Eternal Pursuit

  A young boy sits quietly in a forest near his home.  He sits there as still as a boy can manage at that age.  After a time deemed sufficient, the boy stands up, eyes a chosen nearby elm tree, takes position and strikes.  The tree does not budge but surprisingly, neither does the boy.  His fist now bruised from the hard bark that was his opponent, the boy sits down... closes his eyes... breathes... and once again is still.  So one may ask: why?  The answer: even when young, Artur knew that there was more to a warrior’s life than just sheer brutality.  That young boy would spend many hours of many weeks of many months of many years with this self-directed meditation.  Finally, before he would leave Thailand for Canada, Art would formalize his practice.  Vipassana; 10 days, sitting meditation for 10 hours a day, no music, no writing, no speaking, no distractions of any kind.  Subject to only his innermost thoughts, demons and all, Artur would make a deep dive into himself.  There was nowhere to run, no way to avoid, and confrontation of all the things left untouched was necessary.  In life’s journey dealing with the things left undealt with is one of the more formidable tasks.  After the 10 day period and after leaving Thailand, Artur would continue to meditate daily.  In his practice he would find yet another vital piece to his development: a deeper understanding on the cultivation of Wisdom – An irreplaceable realization and an eternal pursuit.  The boy who set out into the world in search of a master, in search of guidance, in search of the warrior’s mentality, had not done so in a way devoid of meaning.  Through the trials and tribulations of the last decade Art had developed a central method - a strategy; a way to communicate the warrior’s way of life, methods to break down the various lessons and truths of every situation’s reality.

   In Calgary, Canada, Artur would share his teachings with his students, Jessica “Thumper” Gladstone.  Gladstone would become known as Canada’s most accomplished female Muay Thai athlete, and be invited and participate in the prestigious promotion “Glory Fight Series”. 

  Now with numerous accolades and accomplishments under his belt, Artur would continue to teach and expand his methodology.  In doing so, it would soon become very clear that his methods were applicable to not only high level athletes, but to individuals from all walks of life.

  Courage, Equanimity, and Wisdom, through the expansive and rare experiences that characterize his life, Artur Nowacki has cultivated these three virtues into an integrated method.  First, the task is understood, identified and analyzed with eyes seeking reality, one must be courageous in approach.  Second, perseverance developed through discipline and hard work is used to see the task through from a perspective that cuts through fear and doubt.  One must be equanimous in the undertaking.  Third, decisions are made through wisdom; one must be aligned with reality and see things as they are in order to find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.  This method is applicable to any and every problem for any and every person - a fighter, a farmer, a businessman, an actor, a speaker, a model.  The method is applicable all the same.

  That brings us to the present day.  Artur Nowacki currently resides in Thailand where he lives with his now significant other, Jessica Gladstone.  He is a man who is known for not only his understanding and person ability, but also his blunt and inescapable honesty.  Students have come far and wide to learn about his way of life, his teachings, as well as for his Muay Thai expertise.  “A meaningful life begins with the truth.”   Art’s students stay in close contact with him and visit from time to time; they often describe their time with Art as irreplaceable and a vital part of their lives as they move forward.  

  Today new students, regardless of background, capability, or expertise, can contact Artur via this website contact page.



  “I trained with Professor Artur Nowacki and his students/fighters for several of my professional Muay Thai fights in North America.  Artur's passion and willingness to engage fully with his fighters is what sets him apart from other trainers.  Not only is he willing to share his craft with his students but also is always learning himself and trying to make himself a better trainer.  He has spent the past 6 months at Tor Sangtiennoi gym holding pads for Lumpinee level fighters and learning from a legend in the sport Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj.  In a short period of time (2 years) he has developed several fighters who can compete on a high level in Thailand and North America. I call Artur the Professor because of his scientific approach to a flowing art form. He is able to explain every technique from the inside out.  I'm so grateful for the period of time I have spent with Artur and I am excited to see the next great fighters he produces.”

-Sean Kearney (First North American MAX Muay Thai & 'Thai Fights' winner, High Ranked Fighter in Prestigious Thai Stadiums)


  “I've been training with Artur Nowacki for two years at his gym, Nak Muay Muay Thai.  He has been my primary sparring partner for my two professional world title fights and for my K-1 debut.  He is a very skilled Muay Thai fighter, but equally impressive is his ability to instruct.  He has brought his students’ skill level extremely high in a relatively short period of time.”

-Gabriel Varga (Six-time Professional World Champion and K-1,Glory & Bellator Kickboxing Champion)


  “Last training session this morning with the legendary "Polish Professor" before he and his team head off to Thailand on Monday.  It's hard to put into words what he and I have shared over the past couple of years; there have been many challenges and hard earned victories both in and out of the ring.  Above all though are the lessons I carry forth with me, that little "Art" voice inside me that always has seen how capable I am and speaks with unwavering confidence of my abilities.  This man has taught me that I can endure and overcome anything, and I remind myself of that almost daily.  Artur Nowacki, thank you for being the coach I needed right when I needed it most.  I am forever grateful for everything we accomplished together, and the unending journey still ahead that you will always be a part of!!”

-Hilary Herman (IFMA Bronze Medalist, former Professional Model) - Canada


 “I met Art at charn chai Muay Thai gym, in Pai, Northern Thailand, I got there in the pursuit of a nice body, like the one you see professional Thai Thai boxers are “wearing”.
I thought that training the same way they do then I will have it.
At the time I didn’t know I was pursuing self acceptance.
So during one of my first mornings at the gym this guy, which was not Thai as usual but a foreigner, steps in front of me and clearly and concisely explains what to do. I get the drill he is explaining but I also get an overwhelming feeling.. then, head down, I just do the drill.

During the next month at the gym me and Artur bond, he is my trainer and I feel it as a meaningful connection which inspires me and gives me many important insights about myself.

I notice I’m not the only one feeling that way about Artur, many of the trainees attentively listen to him like they are feeding from his words, they trust him blindly and come back to Thailand just to see and/or train with him.
They train with him and than open a successful business, they train with him and their fighting skills raise levels in so short time, beginners train with him then fight the best Thais in matters of months.

... This guy has something.

Gets time to leave Thailand for me, and moving on even my life starts taking a different direction.
Some resistance but I feel it’s time for a change, this moments happen but this time I’m not scared to put all I have on the line and leave everything I have to take the risk of investing in a all new project.
Go deeper inside myself and look for who I really am and so what I really feel like doing.
..What’s going on now?
Now, This is what was happening,
Artur has the power to show you that you can actually do what you didn’t even trusted a second you could even try to do. And show that you can walk the path you feel, and can make it happen.
With him Is not just about Muay Thai. Is about being brutally honest and accepting yourself where you are now.
It’s seeing what the confidence of trusting your own legs to go towards what seemed not possible feels like, and start walking down the way you always wanted to.
My encounter with Artur Changed my life.

-Matteo Pasquali (Body Worker and Therapist)- Italy


  “I was always that one fat kid when I was young.  Because of my weight, I was always very shy and introverted.  Meeting people was extremely difficult for me so I spent most of my time just playing computer games.  I could no longer live my life that way as it was hurting my parents and myself so I decided to try to exercise.  That’s when I first encountered with a Muay Thai gym in Korea at the age of 16.  The Muay Thai gym was where I met Artur Nowacki for the first time.  It also hadn’t been that long for him to have started learning Muay Thai at that time.  As he didn’t really have an appropriate workout partner, we naturally got to spend a lot of time together which eventually took up the most important part of my adolescent years.  As I still struggled when meeting new people, he taught me how to treat others, how to speak English, and how to exercise properly.  In addition, we became very close as he told me what foreign cultures were like and his own travel stories.  As I spent more time with Artur, I became more confident and it allowed me to make new friends much more easily and make great memories.  I cannot describe how much I value my time I have spent with him and how much influence he has left on me to become a coach today.  He is the best coach as well as the most perfect training partner in my life who has made me the person I am today.  I send so much gratitude to my amazing Muay Thai coach Artur Nowacki for all the things he has done for me.  Thank you, Artur.”

-Jaemin Lee (John Frankl Jiu-Jitsu Chungju Academy, Public speaker, Consultant, Gym and Business Owner) - South Korea


  “When Artur asked me to write a testimonial for him, I was honoured as a lot of my success can be attributed to the coaching and life lessons he has shared with me.  Most of our time together was spent in Thailand training and fighting in Muay Thai.  I never imagined I would train Muay Thai Let alone participate in competitions but when I meet Artur, he saw something in me and took me under his wing.  Artur has an innate ability to take any negative self-image you may have, break it down, make you believe in yourself and empower you to be a stronger more resilient human being.  Artur uses Muay Thai as a tool to pass on his lessons in physical, mental and spiritual strength all of which I try to incorporate into my teachings.  Without Artur’s belief in me and continual encouragement and support, I wouldn’t be in the position I am, teaching over 120 students and trying my best to inspire them as he inspired me.”

-Ryan Clement (Head Muay Thai trainer of The Martial Arts Academy, Director of The Martial Arts Academy Papamoa) - New Zealand


“Here is my testimony, with pleasure:
I have been training with Arthur in Paï, Thailand, for a month, in late 2013.
Arthur is a very talented trainer, which explains very well all kind of techniques, from basics to very specific techniques. He also explains the reasons of practicing each technique, which enables you to improve fast.
If you train with him, the best is to take notes of what you learn, and practice by yourself before starting the next training, and to train for a long time with him.
I enjoyed very much training with him.

-Raphael Curtz - France


In 2011 I met Artur Nowacki, he is a very nice person as well as very respectful, then I said to myself that he could be one our representative to my cause, to spread our art and culture in many ways. He told me that he had a few students that would like to come to my small event at my gym. So because he is such an amazing guy, he brought 8 of his students over with their sleeping bags from victory island British Columbia. They slept in my gym and they fought the next day. After the fight they slept in my gym once again some in the boxing ring, some on the floor then from that day forward we developed a great friendship. His students are amazing and all of them were game they all wanted to fight. some of them went on to become champions. Then in 2013 because he showed me how great a person he is, I invited him to join our brotherhood of USEACA he gladly agreed, so we swore him in to join our organization of USEACA. To this day he remains our brother, and hopefully many years to come in the future.

-Srab Sroeuy (USEACA President) - USA


“Artur is a very technical and skilled Muay Thai trainer – not only techniquewise but also in his methodology of teaching. He is very precise, sharp and doesn't make you copy his style but will make you understand the body mechanics behind it.

I highly appreciate his background in sport science as well as his fundamental understanding of the Thai training mentality which is often neglected (or not to be found) in Westerner's approach.
In that sense, he is somewhat of a bridge that connects the best parts of both mentalities.
I highly recommend anyone to train with him – no matter if you're pro or a bloody beginner!

-Linda (Muay Thai Athlete and Physical Therapist) - Germany


“Thank you for your teachings, all of them; technical, tactical and profound. The quality you wear can be seen by the depth of your explanations and how you connect them together. You paint a beautiful picture of what it is to be fully present at the moment of a fight.
I will forever be grateful that you shared your knowledge.”     

-Gabriel Rossi (Muay Thai sparring partner for Georges St-Pierre, trainer, & professional fighter) - Montreal, Canada


I have been involved in Muay Thai for over 20 years as a fighter, trainer and a gym owner. I have travelled all over the world and seen many gyms, trainers and fighters; Artur Nowacki is one of the best trainers that I have had the honor of meeting. Not only does he understand the sport, but he understands people and how to help them reach their full potential. To see proof of this, just look at his young stable of fighters and the amazing things that they have accomplished in such a short period of time. More important than all of that though, is that the whole Nak Muay team is a great credit to the sport.”                                 

-Jason Fenton (Owner of Iron City Muay Thai gym in Vancouver, North American Muay Thai Champion, & World Muay Thai Champion) - Vancouver, Canada