Gym Information

Those who know it will tell you that the smallness of the gym is intentional, meant to preserve the integrity of its vision, and the modesty of all who set foot on the premises.  This facility is not about pomp or hype; it’s about the sacredness of a sport, the honouring of a traditional style of martial art.

In 2010, Nak Muay Muay Thai evolved from thought into form.  It took shape as a small space in a garage where its first members eagerly flocked to try a different approach to health and fitness.  It began as a presence in a community, and quickly morphed into something much larger, much more meaningful.  In 2017 Artur decided to bring Nak Muay Muay Thai to Calgary Alberta. The gym's 2nd iteration holds true to the original vision while embodying lessons learned over the years.

 Presently, in the Muay Thai and martial arts communities, the name “Nak Muay Muay Thai” is synonymous with professionalism, dignity, and respectability.  Kru Artur Nowacki is renowned both locally and nationally for producing world-class fighters brimming with skill, self-confidence, and humility.  Watching one of his competitors in action is observing an individual who executes the highest quality of skill and precision, and does so seamlessly, with grace, composure, and acuity.  Nak Muay fighters are a testament to the level of training that takes place in this gym, and a testament to Kru Artur as a coach and mentor.


Character of the Gym

Entering Nak Muay Muay Thai is incomparable to any other gym experience in Canada.  Every sense is awakened one-by-one, as you step through the door and are greeted by each sensory occurrence.  First, it’s the menthol tickle of Thai oil that slowly climbs into your nose, only partially covering up the familiar musk of body sweat and sports equipment.  Equally bracing is the sound of athletes training on the Thai pads and heavy bags.  One strike after another fills the air with a deafening smack, contributing to layers upon layers of piercing sounds that seem to shake the facility right down to its very foundations.  One might be intimidated by the tenacity here, except that almost instantaneously, a warmth is generated by the other athletes and gym members.  Smiles are exchanged, welcomes extended.  The feeling is one of unity, team, and family.

This feeling has been at the core of Nak Muay’s vision since it opened.  No pretense: just an honest desire to deliver quality coaching and training, and to preserve the integrity of Muay Thai itself.  This vision has shaped a unique atmosphere in the gym; not only is it inhabited by some of the best fighters in Calgary and Canada, it is also graced by the presence of hard-working individuals looking to be part of something special, something bigger than themselves.  Different people from differing walks of life come together at Nak Muay Muay Thai to learn from each other, and to help each other grow.  Beginners are just as welcome as seasoned athletes, and the unique blend of skill levels allows novices to advance their techniques faster.

In order to maintain the gym’s standard of excellence – not just in skill level, but also in attitude and ambiance – membership is limited in number.  This ensures that Kru Artur Nowacki can devote an equal amount of time and energy to every individual who joins the gym and chooses the Nak Muay path.  Members are hand-picked based on their character, personality, and attitude about training.  Once chosen, a member of Nak Muay is provided with the highest quality of training experience.  Kru Artur teaches the art of Muay Thai almost identically to how it is delivered in Thailand: participants engage in rounds of conditioning exercises, followed by cycles of shadow-boxing and bag work.  Some days include drills, while other days consist solely of sparring.  Of maximum importance, however, is the one-on-one pad work that Kru Artur provides for promising students.

The combination of practices and exercises at Nak Muay Muay Thai creates an individualized training experience tailored to each gym-member’s needs.  Serious fighters are able to come and glean the quality of coaching they need to advance their amateur and professional careers.  Recreational athletes can reap the rewards of training elbow-to-elbow with world-class Muay Thai fighters and a coach that is renowned in the industry.  Beginner students, new to the sport or to athletics in general, can submerse themselves in a safe and nurturing environment of discipline and hard-work where they are supported and encouraged to grow in both skill and character.  There truly is something for everybody at this facility, regardless of specific training goals or objectives.


Words from the Fighters

“My training at Nak Muay Muay Thai has been something indescribable, though I will attempt to put my experience into words.  Muay Thai is a pure sport with such strong traditions that it has the ability to completely change a person in an extremely positive way.  It has not only taught me one of the most intense forms of martial art, but it has also developed my character as a person.  My lifestyle today is so much more humble and respectful than it used to be, and I credit that to Muay Thai, as well as to Nak Muay Muay Thai.  Because of this sport, I have been moulded into what I believe to be a stronger, more disciplined person.  A turning point in my life was joining this gym.”

~Andrew Lewis (Canadian and BC MuayThai Champion)

“In the past year and a half I have taken an interest in the brutal, yet beautiful sport of Muay Thai.  I have subsequently developed a passion for an art that is able to show me something new every day.  Kru Artur has a way of teaching that goes much deeper than the striking techniques and physical demands he teaches.  Last year we took a team trip to Thailand for training and competition; that trip revealed to me that his was not just a personal style of instructing.  All of us students at Nak Muay Muay Thai have been learning the traditional Thai style of training and fighting, with the individual’s character and perseverance being equally important to physical ability. The combination of mental strength, athletic conditioning and technical skills, that Kru Artur has taught us, allow the Nak Muay team to compete and win against opponents who often have an advantage in terms of experience and number of fights.  I feel very grateful to be learning and competing with this team.”

~Ron Pearce (USEACA and Canadian Muay Thai Champion)