Artur Nowacki

Muay Thai Trainer



Artur's experience as a trainer has given him the opportunity to teach and corner high level fighters in such prominent Muay Thai stadiums as Rajadamnern, Lumpinee, Pattaya World Boxing Stadium, and multiple stadiums in Chiang Mai, as well as the highly recognized world kickboxing promotion "Glory". Rajadamnern is the oldest and most internationally renowned Muay Thai venue in the world while Lumpinee is comparably prestigious. To corner a main event fight in Rajadamnern as Artur has done is an honour only the top trainers have experienced. Pattaya World Boxing Stadium was host to a MAX Muay Thai event when Artur's fighter competed, while other events include a televised event at Asawindam Stadium, the Queen's Birthday Cup: Thailand vs. China, All star fights, and OneSongchai Promotions, all of which carry a high level of significance in the Muay Thai world.


    A number of fighters began their Muay Thai journeys with Artur in Canada and achieved a high level of success in an incredibly short amount of time under his tutelage. In less than two years, his gym boasted Canadian champions at 160lbs and 154lbs, BC titles, and Pacific Northwest titles, among others in Vancouver and the U.S. One of these champions received offers to fight for MAX Muay Thai, 'Thai Fights' Promotion, and Rajadamnern Stadium. For a fighter with under two years of experience to have the opportunity to compete against prominent athletes including Antuan Pinto and Rajadamnern and WMC champion Berneung is unheard of. This student has since fought professionally in China and Thailand. He was praised by 'Golden Era' Muay Thai fighters Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj and Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee, both of whom were impressed with the skills and style he learned at Artur's gym. Sangtiennoi is famous for his 20-year career in which he became Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, and WMC champion. Lamnamoon is equally well-known as a four-time Lumpinee champion. Artur's other Canadian champion achieved Muay Thai fight of the year (2013) in Journey Fight Series. Two other students proceeded to teach Muay Thai in BC and Alberta after only a year of training, proving once again the effectiveness of Artur's teaching style in achieving feats that are normally only possible after many years of training.

   Artur and Thanonchai (Awarded Fighter of the Year in Thailand)


    After establishing his gym in British Columbia, Canada, Artur was sought out for training by internationally recognized fighters Gabriel Varga and Sean Kearney, both of whom are top-ranked in the World. Artur worked extensively with Gabriel Varga, six-time world champion, twice Glory champion, and K-1 fighter. MAX Muay Thai, 'Thai Fights', and Lion Fight Promotion fighter Sean Kearney also practiced technique with Artur on many occasions. Kearney's recent accomplishments include winning an 8-man tournament in Lao.  Artur was recently invited by Gabriel Rossi, professional Muay Thai trainer, fighter, and sparring partner of MMA Superstar Georges St-Pierre, to travel to Montreal, where he put on a weekend-long seminar. Artur's skills as a coach are further illustrated by the following testimonials.


    “I've been training with Artur Nowacki for two years at his gym, Nak Muay Muay Thai. He has been my primary sparring partner for my two professional world title fights and for my K-1 debut. He is a very skilled Muay Thai fighter, but equally impressive is his ability to instruct. He has brought his students’ skill level extremely high in a relatively short period of time. Everyone I've had the pleasure of training with at Nak Muay is friendly, skilled, and hardworking. Canada is very fortunate to have someone of Artur's skill level building Muay Thai talent.”                         

     -Gabriel Varga (six-time professional World Champion and K-1,Glory & Bellator Kickboxing Champion


Artur and Sean Kearney at IFMA World Championship

     “I trained with Professor Artur Nowacki and his students/fighters for several of my professional Muay Thai fights in North America. Artur's passion and willingness to engage fully with his fighters is what sets him apart from other trainers. Not only is he willing to share his craft with his students but also is always learning himself and trying to make himself a better trainer. He has spent the past 6 months at Tor Sangtiennoi gym holding pads for Lumpinee level fighters and learning from a legend in the sport Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj. In a short period of time (2 years) he has developed several fighters who can compete on a high level in Thailand and North America. I call Artur the Professor because of his scientific approach to a flowing art form. He is able to explain every technique from the inside out. I'm so grateful for the period of time I have spent with Artur and I am excited to see the next great fighters he produces.”                        

        -Sean Kearney (First North American MAX Muay Thai & 'Thai Fights' winner, High Ranked Fighter in Prestigious Thai Stadiums)




     “Thank you for your teachings, all of them; technical, tactical and profound. The quality you wear can be seen by the depth of your explanations and how you connect them together. You paint a beautiful picture of what it is to be fully present at the moment of a fight.
I will forever be grateful that you shared your knowledge.”     

        -Gabriel Rossi (Muay Thai sparring partner for Georges St-Pierre, trainer, &                  professional fighter)


    “I have been involved in Muay Thai for over 20 years as a fighter, trainer and a gym owner. I have travelled all over the world and seen many gyms, trainers and fighters; Artur Nowacki is one of the best trainers that I have had the honor of meeting. Not only does he understand the sport, but he understands people and how to help them reach their full potential. To see proof of this, just look at his young stable of fighters and the amazing things that they have accomplished in such a short period of time. More important than all of that though, is that the whole Nak Muay team is a great credit to the sport.”                                 

        -Jason Fenton (Owner of Iron City Muay Thai gym in Vancouver, North American Muay Thai Champion, & World Muay Thai Champion)


Artur and Bee at Charnchai Muay Thai

    After owning a gym for three years in Canada, Artur's career took him to Thailand, where he worked as a pad holder and trainer at Charnchai Muay Thai with Bee 'Mongkoldej Sitthepitek', who at one time was ranked number one in both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee. He recommended that Bee form separate fighters' class at Charnchai, of which Bee put him in charge. Artur ran his own small gym in Chiang Mai before taking up a position coaching, pad holding, and teaching technique at the legendary Sangtiennoi's gym outside Bangkok. Sangtiennoi made Artur responsible for overseeing the training of top-ranked fighters Thanonchai Tor Sangtiennoi and Moses Tor Sangtiennoi. He created game plans and taught technique for these two fighters, in addition to his duties in training a variety of other Lumpinee and Rajadamnern fighters. Eventually, he was selected to be the Muay Thai trainer for Thailand's first mixed martial arts team, a project started by Thai television's Channel 7. This four-man team consisted of high-level fighters from gyms including Samart Payakaroon's gym. His role as trainer included pad holding, building strategies, and overseeing the training and health of the fighters.


           In 2015 Artur returned to Canada, continuing his work as a high level Muay Thai trainer. Within a year of working as Head Coach at Team Smandych, Artur took five athletes (Team Canada) to the 2016 IFMA World Championships. One of the more prominent athlete, Jessica “Thumper” Gladstone, would continue under Artur’s tutelage as a focus. Gladstone would be soon known as Canada’s most accomplished female Muay Thai athlete. She was invited by the world’s most prestigious kickboxing promotion – Glory – to New Jersey, which was the location of the quarter finals for the first ever female Glory title. Shortly after defeating Daniela Graf, Gladstone faced off against Tiffany Van Soest in the semi-finals – Glory Collision in Oberhausen.



    While Artur's skills as a coach allow him to hone the skills of professionals, his real talent lies in his ability to bring beginners to a high level in an incredibly short amount of time. This aptitude is even exemplified in his own experience as a fighter, during which time he fought in Rajadamnern Stadium against a world class professional after less than two years of training. This opponent has since gone on to become Intercontinental World Muay Thai champion. Artur's capacity for understanding the style and needs of his students in their training, both physically and mentally, gives him an expertise that makes him stand out from the crowd as a Muay Thai coach.